Philippines Study Tour-2010(Brent and CUBE students)

Philippines Study Tour-2010(Brent and CUBE students)
Philippines Study Tour-2010(Brent and CUBE students)

Philippines Study Tour-2010(Brent and CUBE students)


Hello Everyone,
We just arrived back in Calapan on the island of Mindoro last night. We were in the Manyan village of Banilad for 2 days. Our CUBE students (Miho Komatsu, Amiri Takata and Yoshihiro Ueda) worked with the Manyan Children at the village school established by the Bukid Foundation.
Miho and Amiri used KAMISHIBAI to introduce the story of Momotaro. The pictures they prepared were a big success. Mr. Ueda showed the children how to make a simple telephone using paper cups and string. He also led a dictation exercise. Yesterday, all the students played volleyball and catch the tail games.
We are in Calapan now to help at the San Lorenzo Ruis Academy. We rode in the parade this morning and are getting ready to act as judges in the schools academic competitions. The schedule has been pretty demanding so far, but all the students seem exited and are learning a lot. Here are some short messages from each of the students.

We will send some pictures later today.


From Student Message

Miho Komatsu(小松美穂/徳島北高校出身)
Everything is different from Japan especially Mindoro island.
But I am happy and enjoy their life.

Yoshihiro Ueda上田義紘/追手門学院高校出身
This tour is so interesting and exciting.
I understand teacher is very difficult job!.

Amiri Takata(高田あみり/明石城西高校出身)
Hi! I enjoyed a lot , especially smile of poor children in elementary school are very pure,and cute. I am impressed by the difference between rich and poor.

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